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Based in London, we are a virtual address and company formation service provider. Known for our exceptional customer service, we offer a range of services, including mail forwarding, virtual office address, business address, business bank account, website design, and more. 

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We offer a range of affordable services that are competitive and fair. There are no hidden or unexpected fees or policies thrown at you. Our operations and fees are transparent and visible on our website.

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We understand you want your business to be up and running as soon as possible. Our super-fast registration allows your account to be verified and active in just a short period of time.

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We’ll go the extra mile for our valued clients. You’ll love the way we treat you. Employees are friendly, knowledgeable and respond rapidly.


We’ll prioritise building a robust relationship of trust and reliability with you, allowing you to see who we are. Our website is SSL protected and has many security features. Our payment methods are secure and transparent. Plus, we’re regulated by local authorities.


Virtual office in East London

Walthamstow, London

  • Popular location
  • 3,475 sq. ft building size
  • Virtual office service available
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Virtual office in North London

Old Street, London

  • Popular location
  • 750+ sq. ft building size
  • Virtual address service available
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London Virtual Address - FAQ


A virtual office, also known as a virtual address is a subscription-based service that allows businesses to have a physical address and other office related-services without having a dedicated physical workspace. This means that businesses can use the virtual office address as their own mailing address to receive mails and packages. It’s a perfect service for businesses that don’t need a fixed location and want to work remotely.

A virtual office works by providing businesses with a physical address that they can use as their own, without having to occupy a physical space at that location. Here’s an example how a virtual address would work:
  1. You would first need to find a virtual address and choose the service you want. With us, you’ll have the option to choose one of our address in London
  2. After you complete the registration and ID verification, you’ll be allowed to start using the address for your business.
  3. After you start using the address on Companies House, your website or other areas, you’ll start receiving mails.
  4. Any mail or packages sent to the virtual address is processed by the provider and sent to your forwarding address via post or scan service.

The cost of a virtual office address will vary depending on a number of factors. This includes location, services, mail arrangement and meeting rooms. As a rough estimate, a virtual address in London would cost between £50-£120. Check our virtual address prices here.

At London Virtual Address, we try our best to get your account activated within the same working day. After you register, you’ll be required to upload proof of ID and address. The faster you upload, the quicker you can get your account activated.

A registered office address is the official correspondence address of a company registered with Companies House. Every UK limited company must have a registered office in the UK, even if it sells its product or service abroad. The registered office address is also used by government bodies such as Companies House, HMRC and other departments to send statutory letters and legal notices. We offer registered office address service allowing you to use our address on Companies House.

There are many benefits you get by using a virtual address. Here are some popular ones:
  • You save money – Virtual addresses are cheaper and more affordable compared to physical office space which makes it perfect for small businesses.
  • Professional image – The location of a business affects how customers see you. Virtual addresses are available in prime London locations which will boost your company image.
  • Protect your home address – A virtual address will allow you to separate your mails and keep your personal and work life separate.
  • No long-term commitment – You can get a virtual address on a monthly or yearly contract. Unlike traditional office space where you’ll be required to sign a 5-10-year lease.

Company formation is the process of legally registering a company with Companies House. This can be done through the government website, post or an agent. Forming a company is really quick, it can be done within couple of hours.

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