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Are Virtual Addresses Legal?

Are Virtual Addresses Legal?

As a business owner, having your own office space to run your business can be exciting. However, it’s a huge decision as renting is not cheap, especially in London. It’s not just the rent you pay – you also have utilities, business rates, office furniture, service charges, and more that come as a whole package.

This is where a virtual address service comes in handy if you’re a small business.

Virtual addresses have been around for years; a lot longer than many people realise. As we advance, virtual addresses are becoming more and more popular amongst small businesses. One of the key benefits you get from a virtual address is that you can get a professional business address for your business for a small fee, without having to pay for an actual office.

Now for the big question, are virtual addresses legal? The short answer is yes. Virtual addresses are in fact legal to use here in the UK and in many other countries. Although it’s still a foreign idea in some countries, it’s not illegal anywhere.

Why virtual addresses are great options for small businesses

Virtual addresses are becoming popular amongst small businesses, and for good reasons. A virtual address offers a professional business address at a much lower cost than a physical office. This means that small businesses can project a more professional image, without having to spend a lot of money on office rent.

Another benefit of a virtual address is that they offer you flexibility. This means you and your employees can work from anywhere in the world, which may increase productivity. Your business mail will also be forwarded or scanned to your address by the virtual address provider so you won’t have to worry about your letters.

On the other hand, office spaces are quite expensive to rent and maintain. This can be a financial burden for small businesses who are new with a small budget.

Can I use a virtual address as my registered office address?

To register a company in England and Wales, you’ll need to provide an address. This address will be the official correspondence address for your company where letters, reminders, and legal notices will arrive.

Your registered office address does not need to be the same location you work from, this is good news because it means you can use a virtual address as your registered office address. All our addresses qualify and can be used as registered office address. We offer services allowing you to use it on Companies House and HMRC.

Are any documents required for virtual addresses?

All virtual address providers have to comply with Anti-Money laundering regulations. This means that we have to verify you before we offer our services. In order to get a virtual address, you’re required to provide proof of identification and proof of address. This verification process is put in place to prevent fraud. You may also be required to provide extra documents depending on the nature of your business.


Virtual addresses are legal and they’ve been around for years. There are thousands of companies using them every day. This includes big companies too.

They are perfect for small businesses as they allow you to save a lot of money without having to pay for a traditional office space.

Lastly, virtual addresses are regulated by government bodies; this means that you won’t have to worry about fraud or your personal information being misused.

So, what do you think about virtual addresses? Are you ready to start your journey with us?