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Fast Virtual Address Registration at London Virtual Address

Fast Virtual Address Registration at London Virtual Address

Did you know that a customer was able to use our virtual address within 30 minutes after registering?

Shocked? Well, you should be because that’s not the standard experience elsewhere.

That’s not all, though. A significant majority of our clients here at London Virtual Address enjoy a similar swift service and can use our address within a couple of hours.

Why Fast Virtual Address Service Matters?

Picture this scenario: You’re in urgent need of a product, so you inquire only to receive a response a whole 24 hours later.

Naturally, this delay would annoy you, right? I think we both know the answer to that question.

Customers, particularly those steering the course of start-ups, dislike waiting. Their time is precious and they don’t want it wasted. If you make them wait, it could affect them.

At London Virtual Address, we steadfastly adhere to three principles that form the bedrock of our commitment to expectational service:

1. Provide a super-fast registration
2. Offer affordable virtual addresses
3. Deliver super-friendly customer service

Let’s delve into the first principle: “Provide super-fast registration”.

Our unwavering commitment is to offer a same-day service experience. Although we don’t promise this anywhere on our website, our staff consistently go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

We recognise that time is of the essence, and therefore, we continually invest both time and resources into refining and enhancing our registration system. This commitment is not merely a statement; it is ingrained in our company principles. It propels us to innovate continuously, exploring new methods to eliminate unnecessary wait times for our valued customers.

Our approach!

1. Clear emails: Immediately upon registration, our clients receive a comprehensive confirmation email. This email is clear, easy to read, and concise.

2. Online document uploader: To simplify the process, we’ve designed a user-friendly customer portal. This portal allows our customers to effortlessly upload identification documents, ensuring a seamless experience.

3. Experienced Anti-Money Laundering Expert: Our team includes professionals with a keen eye for detail. Their expertise in anti-money laundering procedures ensures efficient verification and acceptance of documents, contributing to the overall expeditious registration process.

Anti-money laundering (AML) & Know your customer (KYC) check

All virtual address providers, including us, must adhere to anti-money laundering & Know your customer duties. This mandatory practice serves as a crucial filter to identify and eliminate potential fraudsters from our client base.

The speed at which your account gets activated hinges on the expeditious upload of your proof of identification and address. As soon as these essential documents are uploaded, our dedicated staff initiates the verification process.

In conclusion, our track record speaks for itself, as customers have consistently rated us “Excellent” on reputable platforms such as Google and Trustpilot. This positive feedback is not just a testament to our rapid registration process but also to the trust our clients place in our robust security measures.

Question and Answers

Will I need to upload my proof of Identification & address to use the address?
If you purchase our virtual address & company formation service, you’ll be required to upload proof of Identification and proof of address. This is required to comply with Anti-money laundering and Know your customer regulations.

Will I need to upload my documents again if I renew?
Once you’ve uploaded the documents and it’s verified, you won’t need to upload them again.

What documents do you accept as Proof of Identification & address?
You can check our “Customer verification KYC” page to see what documents are accepted:

How do I ensure my documents are accepted fast?
Make sure you follow our guidelines when uploading your documents. These guidelines will be emailed to you after you register.

What are the common reasons documents are not accepted?
There are several reasons why your documents might get rejected. The most common reasons include an expired passport or driving license, outdated proof of address, name mismatch, and blurry documents.