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Registered Office Address, Service Address, and Business Address Service – What’s the difference?

Registered Office Address, Service Address, and Business Address Service – What’s the difference?

Chances are, you’re eager to learn more about our services to ensure you make the right purchase decision. Right?

This guide is here to help with that.

If you’re setting up a company for the first time and considering our virtual address service, it’s important to understand the difference. While the terms “Registered Office Address”, “Service Address” and “Business address service” may seem interchangeable at first glance, but each has its own unique role.

To simplify matters, let’s define each service, outline who would benefit from it, and delve into the differences.

Registered Office Address

One of our most sought-after services at London Virtual Address is the Registered office address. This service, also known as registered address, serves as the official correspondence address of a company, registered with Companies House, the UK’s registrar of incorporated companies.

For more detailed information about the Registered office address, please click here.

Who should purchase this service?

If you’re in the process of establishing a limited company or already own one, you should purchase this service. A Registered office address is a legal requirement, serving as the designated address for official documents and notices.

Our Registered office address service is valid for one year, enabling you to designate our address as your official “Registered address” on Companies House.

That’s not all, though.

In addition, this service offers complimentary mail forwarding of letters from Companies House and HMRC at no additional charge.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

Individuals operating as sole traders or freelancers typically do not need a Registered office address since they do not have the same legal obligations as Registered companies.


1. Privacy protection: Safeguard the privacy of your residential address by utilising our Registered office address service. By providing a dedicated address on Companies House, you can maintain confidentiality and professionalism in your business dealings.
2. Address option: Choose from a selection of two distinct addresses.
3. Cheap Registered office address service: Gain access to our Registered office address service at an exceptionally low cost.

Service address (Director’s service address)

Previously, we explained that the Registered office address serves as the official company address on Companies House. In contrast, the service address (also known as the Director’s service address), functions as the official contact address for company directors, secretaries, person with significant control (PSC), and members of LLP on Companies House.

Who should purchase this service?

Individuals holding positions such as director, secretary, person with significant control (PSC) or member of LLP can benefit from acquiring the Service Address.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

If you’re not registered with Companies House as a limited company or other similar company, purchasing this service will not be necessary.


1. Enhanced privacy: Shield your home address from being publicly accessible on records.
2. Professional image: Project a credible business identity by using our London-based virtual address.
3. Cost-effectiveness: Enjoy the advantage of a cheap virtual office without the hefty expenses associated with traditional physical office space.

Business address service

In addition to the Registered office address and service address, London Virtual Address also offers the Business Address Service. This service offers companies with a professional address for their day-to-day business correspondence and operation. It’s the ideal solution when you require an address to feature on your stationery, invoices, and website.

Who should purchase this service?

Individuals and companies aiming to uphold a professional image by utilising the address on their website, stationery, and invoices can greatly benefit from this service.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

If you are a limited company or a similar company structure, that needs an address to use on Companies House and HMRC, this service may not be suitable for your needs.


1. Elevate your business image: Make a lasting impression on your clients and partners by selecting one of our prestigious virtual addresses in London to represent your business.
2. Cheap and Affordable: Opting for this service offers significant cost savings compared to maintaining a physical office space in London. Our virtual address services are designed to be cheap and affordable, allowing you to access the benefits of a prime business location without the financial burden.
3. Flexible address options: London Virtual Address provides you with a choice of two distinct virtual offices in London. The flexibility option allows you to select the address that best aligns with your business goal.


Navigating through the different services at first can be daunting for startups, but it doesn’t have to be. By understanding the distinct differences in the Registered office address, Service address, and Business address service, entrepreneurs can utilise the correct service and use it to grow their business.

Clear on our services?

Let’s summarise this article and recap the services:

- London Virtual Address offers a variety of virtual address services in London. While some of these services may appear similar, they are all distinct and designed to meet unique needs.

- Registered office address & Service address: Both these services are designed so that you can use the address on Companies House as the company's registered address or the director's service address. 

- Business address service: If you want to use our address anywhere outside Companies House and HMRC, then the business address is perfect.

- All our services are cost-effective and affordable, which includes prime locations in London.

Question and Answers

Can I buy the Registered office address, Service address, and Business address service together?
Yes, you can purchase all those services if your business requires it.

What if I purchase the wrong service?
If you’ve purchased the wrong service, please contact us via email or telephone. We’ll be happy to look into and change the services.

Do you offer letter scanning service?
Yes, we offer additional scan services. This can be purchased from the addition service page or via your account dashboard.

How long does it take to set up a virtual address?
London Virtual Address offers fast registration. We aim to activate your account on the same working day.

What is Companies House?
Companies House is the official registrar of Companies in the United Kingdom. They are in charge of incorporating and dissolving limited companies. To find out more about Companies House, click here.