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Why virtual offices are popular in London?

Why virtual offices are popular in London?

Imagine a virtual address company that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge communication tools, offers prestigious business addresses, and has a team that are willing to go the extra mile.

Sounds good? Here’s the thing.

At London Virtual Address, we’ve made it our mission to provide the perfect virtual office environment, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

That’s not all, though.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and continuously enhancing our services so that we can help every aspect of your business. That’s why we’ve invested significant time and resources into advancing our service offering.

Here are 5 Facts about us:

1. We offer an affordable and Cheap Virtual Office
3. We offer multiple addresses in London
4. We offer Scan service
5. You can register with us and be verified within 1 hour

Why virtual offices are popular in London

London, known for its vibrant business scene and international dominance, has emerged as a desirable destination for virtual offices. As a city with a rich business background, it offers a multitude of opportunities and connection that attracts entrepreneurs and start-ups.

In London, the ideal locations for businesses can vary depending on what the business does and its objectives. Understanding this diversity, we provide virtual offices in various areas across London, enabling you to select a location that perfectly aligns with your industry and target audience. With our flexible office option, you can establish a strong presence in your desired location without the need for a physical office space.

Explore our Popular Virtual Address Location:

1. Virtual address in East London (Walthamstow)
2. Virtual address in West London (Warwick Avenue)


Our wide range of virtual addresses in different areas in London empowers you with complete freedom to select an address that resonates with your business. By selecting our virtual office, you can gain credibility, enhance your image, and grow your business without any limits.

Cheap Virtual Office

When it comes to price, we won’t disappoint you. In a competitive market, finding the best deal is always top priority. We understand the importance of providing value to our customers. Our prices are affordable and cheap, without compromising the quality of our services. We are confident that our prices are among the best in the industry. In fact, we are so confident that if you find our services cheaper elsewhere, we will match that price. Our price match guarantee is a testament to our commitment to providing.

Want to hear what our clients say about us?

Figo (Trustpilot)
“Best Virtual Office Service (We tried a lot!). We have purchased the virtual office service with director’s address service and scanning and we didn't know much about the company, however the staff is super friendly, professional and very attentive, you can have a direct line of contact and they will do everything to go the extra mile. We have used virtual address services before, and I am confident to say it is absolutely the best service provider. Thank you very much for making it so easy for us!”

Mohammed Hussain (Trustpilot)
“London Virtual Address provided exactly what I needed for my business. The services that they provide is affordable and the process was surprisingly easy to setup. The team are very professional and responsive.”

Abdul (Trustpilot)
“I'm a new user to Londonvirtualaddress and already impressed with their high-quality service. The team is very professional, helpful and polite. Their support team and chat is responsive and really helpful. I definitely recommend them.”

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Question and answers

Why are your virtual offices cheap?
Our pricing may come as a surprise to many, what we charge for a year is often equivalent to what others charge for just a single month. At Londonvirtualaddress, our business philosophy lies in the commitment to providing a cost-effective, budget-friendly virtual office.

Can I use a virtual office to protect my home address?
Absolutely! With our virtual office service, you can safeguard your home address. By opting for a virtual address, you can use it on Companies House, for your website, your invoices, and more.

How long does it take you to register?
Our registration process is designed to be seamless and efficient, ensuring a smooth experience. Once you initiate the registration, our dedicated team is ready to verify and activate your account. We aim to complete and activate your account within the same working day.